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Your adult loved one needs a ​guardian because of ​disability, mental health, or ​age


You have a device and a ​printer


You want an affordable ​option because you don’t ​want to spend thousands of ​dollars on attorney fees


You want a professional team ​to answer your questions or ​look over your work


The Nebraska Guardianship DIY Guide

Limited scope representation that provides instructions, ​fillable forms, and direct support when you need it.

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Guardianship at your ​own pace

Saving thousands of ​dollars

Attorney support when ​you need it

Confidently becoming a ​guardian

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Complete instructions

Fillable forms

Court checklist

Script for your ​guardianship hearing

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Meet Molly Blazek

Hi, I’m Molly.

I’m a Nebraska attorney who specializes in guardianship. While I ​do practice law, much of my guardianship experience comes ​from serving as a guardian for vulnerable Nebraskans. In late ​2023, I was asked by the Volunteer Lawyers Project of the ​Nebraska State Bar Association to help Nebraska families ​needing guardianship. Recognizing that we would be limited in ​helping families one-to-one, we soon developed the Nebraska ​Guardianship DIY Guide©️. If you have any questions about the ​DIY Guide, please connect with us!

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Follow the instructions ​and attend weekly ​clinics for any questions


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By the end of this, you will...

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Have all of the court forms ​needed to appoint you as a ​guardian

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Have a script for your ​guardianship hearing

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Save thousands of dollars by ​doing guardianship yourself

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Join a community of fellow ​Nebraska guardians

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it ​take to complete?

Users say that it takes about 2-3 hours to read the ​Guide and complete the fillable forms. Your ​guardianship hearing will be about 4-8 weeks from ​the time that you file.

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How difficult is the ​Guide?

Users say that the Guide is easy to understand and ​the fillable forms are easy to follow.

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Where can I find ​more resources?

Follow this link to Guardian Connect Now where you ​can find more resources for Nebraska Guardians

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